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Data analysis on Mitacs Globalink 2015 projects: Part 1 – The Data


Mitacs Globalink Research Internships is a project from Mitacs which allows undergraduate students from Brazil, France, China, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Vietnam to perform a 3 months internship in some university lab research in Canada.

I am interested in taking part of the program, and one of the application process steps is to choose between 3 and 7 projects from their 1.782 projects list (as I write this article). Using their website, you can filter those projects by university, province, language and by keywords.


I started performing queries with keywords such as “web” and other areas I am familiar with, but soon I realized that there were many other cool projects I could also apply to, so I ended up manually looking into all 1.700+ projects title and writing in a text file the ones I should spend more time reading the prerequisites and description.

Globalink projects list

Mitacs Globalink 2015 projects list.

When I was done, I got really curious about the data. “Which province is offering more projects?”, “What is the average amount of projects being offered per professor?“, “What would a word cloud with projects titles look like?

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